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2017 Upcoming Events
09 jan 20 jan more Winter Courses in Climate Data Analysis
Bad Gandersheim Germany
25 jan . more 4a giornata sulla modellistica di Arianet
Milano Italy
22 jan 26 jan more 97th AMS Annual Meeting
Seattle (WA) USA
27 jan . more Non ci sono più le 4 stagioni
Padova Italy
12 gen 02 feb more Viaggio nel mondo della meteorologia
Due Ville (VI) Italy
13 feb 16 feb more High definition clouds and precipitation for advancing climate prediction
Munich Germany
15 feb more Metrology for High Mountains Climate Observational Issues
Moncalieri Italy
20 feb 22 feb more Joint Congress of the 6th International Conference on Meteorology and Climatology of the Mediterranean & Challenges in Meteorology
Zafgreb Croatia
21 feb . more 5th Climateurope Webinar
Everywhere World
22 feb 23 feb more Copernicus Symposium on Climate Service for the energy sector
Barcelona Spain
23 feb more Prof. Peter Wadhams: “Arctic ice-related climate feedbacks”
L'Aquila Italy
06 mar . more Artico ultima frontiera. Summit on Climate Change
Venice Italy
08 mar . more prof. Hiroshi Niino (AORI, Tokyo university): Tornadoes and their research in Japan
prof. Wataru Yanase (AORI, Tokyo university): Cyclone diversity in the tropical, subtropical and extratropical environment: climatology and idealized numerical experiment
Bologna Italy
11 mar . more Giornata meteorologia 2017 - L'innovazione meteorologica decolla dall'Aeroporto di Cuneo-Levaldigi
Levaldigi (CN) Italy
17 mar . more COM4CAST: temperatura e comfort termico nelle aree urbane di Trento e Rovereto
Trento Italy
20 mar 24 mar more Workshop on the Use of Gridded Satellite Data for Climate Services
Krakow Poland
23 mar . more Let’s take on together the environmental challenge!
Paris France
23 mar . more Giornata Meteorologica Mondiale - Capire le nubi
Roma Italy
24 mar . more Seasonal-decadal climate variability in the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans Yushi Morioka JAMSTEC Application Laboratory, Yokohama (Japan)
Bologna Italy
24 mar . more Adaptation of infrastructure and networks to climate change
Paris France
28 mar . more Inquinamento Atmosferico: giornata di studio e confronto
Sesto Fiorentino (FI) Italy
29 mar 31 mar more Winter Week ASSOARPA
Arabba (BL) Italy
30 mar 01 apr more Communicating in climate change
Moncalieri (TO) Italy
01 apr . more Porte aperte al osservatorio meteorologico Istituto Cavanis di Venezia
Venice Italy
05 apr . more La meteorologia come scienza sempre più essenziale: aggiornamenti, previsioni evolutive nel medio termine, ruolo dell’Italia
Roma Italy
05 apr 07 apr more Climateurope Festival 2017: explore challenges and opportunities of climate services for your activity
Valencia Spain
11 apr . more 18th Swiss Global Change Day
Bern Switzerland
19 apr 21 apr more 2nd European Hail Workshop
Bern Switzerland
21 apr 22 apr more March for science - Satellite Marches
Roma - Caserta Italy
22 apr more Vienna March for Science
Vienna Austria
23 apr 28 apr more EGU European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017
Vienna Austria
24 apr 28 apr more Training Course on the Use of Satellite Products for Drought Monitoring and Agro-meteorological Applications
Budapest Hungary
02 mag . more Introduzione ai modelli di previsione meteorologica
Brescia Italy
03 may 05 may more 2nd European Nowcasting Conference
Offenbach am Main Germany
08 may 11 may more MesoVict + WMO Joint Working Group for Forecast Verification Workshop
Berlino Germany
15 mar 17 may more Weather Radar Applications in Nowcasting for Weather Forecasters (distance phase)
Langen Germany
12 jan 21 may more La meteo. Sole, fulmini e nubifragi
Zurigo Switzerland
19 may 21 may more 14th ISRS2017 International Symposium on Remote Sensing
Nagoya Japan
22 may 23 may more A Panel on Air Pollution
Athens Greece
23 may 24 may more 6th PCL Focus day 2017
Wachberg Germany
27 mag . more La comunicazione in meteorologia dai tempi di Bernacca all'era dei social
Siena Italy
29 may 31 may more The 14th International Conference on Atmospheric Sciences and Applications to Air Quality (ASAAQ14)
Strasbourg France
29 may 02 jun more Weather Radar Applications in Nowcasting for Weather Forecasters (classroom phase)
Langen Germany
30 may 02 jun more 10th International Symposium on Tropospheric Profiling (ISTP10)
Fort Collins (CO) USA
05 june 09 jun more ESSL Test bed
5 – 9 June, 19 – 23 June, 26 – 30 June, and 3 – 7 July 2017
Wiener Neustadt Austria
05 jun 09 jun more Workshop on Open IFS
Trieste Italy
12 jun 16 jun more Using ECMWF’s Forecasts (UEF2017)
Reading UK
12 jun 16 jun more Dynamics and Prediction of Severe Thunderstorms
Wiener Neustadt AustriaK
12 giu 13 giu more XII° Convegno Nazionale del Gruppo di Geoscienze e Tecnologie Informatiche
Gavorrano (GR) Italy
18 Jun 24 Jun more 34th International Conference on Alpine Meteorology Reykjavík Iceland
25 Jun 30 Jun more 28th International Laser Radar Conference Bucharest Romania
27 jun 29 jun more 4th International Conference Energy & Meteorology
Bari Italy
29 jun . more A new perspective on an old problem: understanding the observed variability of the South Asian monsoon Bologna Italy
25 jun 04 jul more EUFAR Training & Education Course "EASI: Exploring Air Sea Interaction via airborne data – a training course" Shannon Ireland
03 jul 04 jul more RadMet2017
Roma Italy
04 jul 07 jul more The extreme El Nino of 2015 and the end of global warming hiatus - Prof. Alexey Fedorov Barcelona Spain
04 Jul 07 Jul more 10th HyMeX Workshop Bonn Germany
14 Jul 21 Jul more 9th International Summer School on Radar/SAR Systems Barcelona Spain
19 jul . more Statistical framework for modelling the spatial distribution of orographic precipitation
Bologna Italy
14 jul 11 ago more Exhibition "Sky and Clouds" - Maurizio Battello
Milan Italy
21 Ago 25 Ago more 10th International Carbon Dioxide Interlaken Switzerland
28 ago 01 sep more ESSL Summer School on Severe Convectiong
Wiener Neustadt Austria
03 ago 08 sep more 2017 Swiss Climate Summer School
Ascona Switzerland
04 sep 08 sep more EMS Annual Meeting
Dublin Ireland
11 sep 15 sep more Autumn School on the use of satellite data on nowcasting high impact weather
Thessaloniki Greece
11 sep 15 sep more Seventh International WMO Symposium on Data Assimilation
Florianopolis Brazil
11 sep 14 sep more Annual Seminar 2017
Reading United Kindom
13 set . more Temporali: previsione e prevenzione dei rischi Evento finale del Progetto URAMET
San Lorenzo al Mare (IM) Italy
18 sep 22 sep more European Conferences on Severe Storms
Pula Croatia
23 sep . more Introduction Seminar: Forecasting of Severe Convective Storms
Pula Croatia
23 oct . more La corretta informazione meteo Arezzo Italy
30 set . more Master di II livello in Meteorologia e Oceanografia Fisica
Napoli - Lecce Italy
02 oct 06 oct more Seminar: Forecasting Severe Convection I
Wiener Neustadt Austria
25 set 06 oct more International Remote Sensing Summer School
Bracciano (RM) Italy
02 oct 06 oct more EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference 2017
Roma Italy
04 oct 06 oct more ScienceFore Summer School: The Science of Forecasting
Heidelberg Germany
04 oct . more Intervista ad un oceanografo: quanto e perché sono importanti i nostri oceani
Venice Italy
09 oct 12 oct more 18 International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes
Bologna Italy
10 oct 12 oct more Meteorological Technology Expo
Amsterdam The Netherland
11 oct 13 oct more EURad European Radar Conference
Nurberg Germany
12 oct 25 oct more Convective and Volcanic Clouds detection, monitoring and modeling
Tarquinia (VT) Italy
14 oct more Tempo Estremo - Convegno Severe Weather 2017
Verona Italy
16 oct . more Previsione meteorologiche e scale spazio temporali (per interni Servizi Regionali)
Milano Italy
17 oct 20 oct more Numerical Modeling, Predictability and Data Assimilation in Weather, Ocean and Climate
A Symposium Honoring the Legacy of Anna Trevisan
Bologna Italy
19 oct . more R-Evolution, l’Evoluzione dei sistemi Radar in italia
Roma Italy
20 oct . more Cosa è accaduto il 10 agosto 2017
Cavallino-Treporti (VE) Italy
24 oct . more Convegno stazioni meteo automatiche
Offenbach Germany
26 oct . more Il tempo che cambia Zugliano (VI) Italy
26 oct . more Convegno Annuale Società Italiana Scienze del Clima Bologna Italy
05 oct 26 oct more Viaggio nel mondo della meteorologia
Due Ville Italy
28 oct . more Meteorologia e Agricoltura. Cambiamenti climatici: quale futuro per le coltivazioni? Forte di Bard (AO) Italy
26 oct 27 oct more Climate action in support of the Paris Agreement Bologna Italy
05 nov 15 nov more Meteorological warning course
Tel Aviv Israel
06 nov . more Dynamics of mid-latitude flows and extreme events
Bologna Italy
08 nov . more Workshop in Meteorologia Avanzata - Analisi del profilo termodinamico dell'atmosfera
Venice Italy
11 nov . more Cambiamenti climatici: Serie storiche di dati strumentali meteo per comprenderne la dinamica, l'intensità e la frequenza
Perugia Italy
13 nov 17 nov more 5th International Conference on Reanalysis (ICR5)
Rome Italy
16 nov 17 nov more Clean Air Forum
Paris France
16 nov more Consapevolezza sui rischi meteo e conoscenza del territorio
Siena Italy
17 nov 19 nov more Festivalmeteorologia 2017
Rovereto (TN) Italy
18 nov more XVII Conferenza annuale dell'Unione Meteorologica del FVG
Sella Nevea (UD) Italy
23 nov . more Workshop in Meteorologia Avanzata - Misure meteorologiche in ambito urbano
Venice Italy
20 nov 01 Dec more Forecasting Severe Convection by ESSL (per interni Servizi Regionali)
Genova Italy
25 nov . more Camminare nuovi climi su nuove montagne
Sondrio Italy
01 dec . more La previsione meteorologica oggi: situazone, sfide e prospettive
Verona Italy
02 dec . more Downburst un fenomeno meteorologico poco conosciuto: il caso del 10 agosto 2017
Venezia Italy
05 dec . more 9e Symposium Adaptation aux changements climatiques : Risques et opportunités liés au climat
Bern Switzerland
13 dec . more Eventi geo-idrologici in Italia settentrionale nel periodo 2005-2016
Torino Italy
14 dec . more ERA-CLIM2 - Climate Reanalyses and Services for Society
Bern Switzerland
14 dec more Consapevolezza sui rischi meteo e conoscenza del territorio
Siena Italy
11 dec 15 dec more The EUMeTrain online ‘Warning Week’ 2017
Everywhere World
2018 Future Events
18 jan more Consapevolezza sui rischi meteo e conoscenza del territorio
Siena Italy
08 feb more Consapevolezza sui rischi meteo e conoscenza del territorio
Siena Italy
15 mar more Consapevolezza sui rischi meteo e conoscenza del territorio
Siena Italy
19 apr . more 19th Swiss Global Change Day
Bern Switzerland
25 may 28 may more Stream on “Air Pollution
Athens Greece
29 may 02 jun more 11th HyMeX Workshop Lecce Italy
18 jun 22 jun more Precipitation: remote sensing and modelling Castro Marina (LE) Italy
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