Retrive data filling the FORM

FORM to retrive SYNOP data from OGIMET site

[A] Choose the SYNOP code (5 cifre):
List of italian SYNOP code: link

[B] Choose number of days (better => 5 days if blank = 1):

[C] Choose the day: [D] Choose the month: [E] Choose the year:

Type of retrive:
OGIMET - three hour data (many days) [A]+[B]+[C]+[D]+[E]
OGIMET - three hour data (full year) [E]
SOUNDING (*) - houlry (only 1 day) [A]+[C]+[D]+[E]
METAR - hourly (only 1 day) [A]+[C]+[D]+[E]

Press button here:

Download here the R code to decode SYNOP data (set for fog): download
Retrive data form other sites

Note form retrive
In the case of a multi-day extraction, the data will be extracted in reverse chronological order (backwards).
EXAMPLE : if you indicate the date 28/01/2020 and 3 days, the extracted data will refer to days 28, 27 and 26 January 2020.

Italian radio sounding site
Italian Airport with radio sounding - SYNOP (*):

(16044 Campoformido - Udine) - 16045 than Rivolto-UD
(16080 Linate- Milano till 2019) - 16064 then Rivoli-NO
16144 San Pietro Capofiume-BO
16245 Pratica di Mare-RM
16320 Casale-BR
16546 Elmas-CA
16429 Birgi-TP

Note for website retrive
changing URL is possible have customized retrive
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