2007 Meteo Europe Conferences

08 jan
02 feb more European Research Course on Atmospheres Grenoble France
24 jan 26 jan more Joint TFHTAP and WMO Workshop on
Integrated Observations for Assessing Hemispheric Air Pollution
Geneva Switzerland
26 jan


more EUCAARI IP (aerosols and climate) Kick-off Helsinki Finland
29 jan
02 feb more 3rd International Workshop on Verification Methods Reading UK
12 feb 16 feb more Helsinki Testbed - Mesoscale Atmospheric Network Course Helsinki Finland
12 feb 16 feb more IPY-CARE Workshop “Climate of the Arctic and Its Role for Europe” Bergen Norway
19 feb
24 feb more International Conference on Environment: survival and sustainability Nicosia Cyprus
27 feb . more The interaction of forest and atmosphere London UK
01 mar . more The science of climate change:
A discussion of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report
London UK
12 mar 14 mar more Workshop on cloudy boundary layer
Toulouse France
19 mar . more Standard Urban Measurements Birningham UK
19 mar 22 mar more International Conference on secure and sustainable living: social and economic benefits of wheather, climate and water services
Madrid Spain
21 mar 23 mar more 2nd SRNWP - HIRLAM - Met Office Workshop on Data Assimilation Norrköping Sweden
22 mar . more Polar mesocyclones and their impact on the NE Atlantic Norwich UK
27 mar
29 mar more 6th International Conference on Urban Air Quality
Limassol Cyprus
29 mar
30 mar more FINE! Dust-Free Final Conference Klagenfurt Austria
15 apr
20 apr more European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2007 Vienna Austria
23 apr 26 apr more HIRLAM All Staff Meeting Oslo Norway
23 apr
27 apr more ENVISAT Symposium
Montreux Switzerland
03 may 04 may more COST-728 workshop on “Model urbanization strategy”
Exeter UK
07 may 09 may more The Earth care workshop Nordwijk The Netherlands
07 may 15 may more International course of lectures
“Geophysical turbulence and boundary layers: nature, theory and role in Earth's systems”
Helsinki Finland
07 may
25 may
15th WMO Congress
Geneva Switzerland
08 may 10 may more MeteoHydex 2007 Geneva Switzerland
09 may 10 may more 15th Conferenza Internazionale annuale e assemblea dei membri dell'Allenza per il Clima Geneva Switzerland
21 may 23 may more COST-728/NetFAM workshop on
“Integrated systems of meso-meteorological and chemical transport models”
Copenhagen Denmark
24 may 27 may more Air Quality Management, Monitoring, Modeling, and Effects Zagreb Croatia
28 may
30 may more 59th Session of the WMO Executive Council Geneva Switzerland
27 may 01 jun more 1st International Summit on Hurricanes and Climate Change Crete Greece
28 may 01 jun more Lecture course on "Geophysical turbulence and boundary layers" Helsinki Finland
29 may 01 jun more  ASMDA 2007 12th International Conference on Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis Chania - Crete Greece
04 jun
08 jun
29th ICAM - International Conference on Alpine Meteorology
Chambéry France
14 jun 29 jun more XIV International Symposium Atmospheric and Ocean Optics, Atmospheric physics
Maksimikha, Buryatiya, Russia
25 jun 27 jun more International Workshop “Climate Change in the Arctic and Northern Regions” St.Petersburg, Russia
02 jul
05 jul
more 11th HARMO International Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes Cambridge UK
08 jul 11 jul more 17th World Conference on Disaster Management Toronto Canada
13 aug 17 aug more 17th Intenational Conference on Nucleation & Atmospheric aerosol Cambridge UK
19 aug 25 aug more Summer Course on Mesoscale Meteorology and Predictability Helsinki Finland
27 aug 31 aug more 2nd International Conference on Earth System Modelling Hamburg Germany
03 sep 06 sep more 3rd International Conference on Climate and Water Helsinki Finland
03 sep 07 sep more RMetS Conference Edimburgh UK
03 sep 07 sep more ECMWF Annual seminar on Recent developments in the use of satellite observations in Numerical Weather Prediction Reading UK
03 sep 07 sep more 1st ISSMES International Summer School
on the MPI-M Earth System Modeling Framework
Hamburg Germany
05 sep 06 sep more CEM 2007 8th International confernce on emission monitoring Zurich Switzerland
05 sep 07 sep more CEST2007 10 th Internationa conference on environmental science and tecnology Kos Greece
09 sep 14 sep more EAC 2007 Salzburg Austria
10 sep 14 sep more Meteorlogetangun 2007 Hamburg Germany
10 sep 14 sep more HARMONIE workshop on physical parametrizations Helsinki Finland
10 sep 26 sep more Quantify Summer Shool Athens Greece
12 sep 14 sep more Sustainable City Development Malmo Sweden
18 sep 20 sep more A UV Conference celebrating One century of UV Radiation Research Davos Switzerland
18 sep 22 sep more HUSUMwind - Leading internationale trade fair Husum Germany
24 sep
28 sep
Joint 2007 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference and
15th Satellite Meteorology & Oceanography Conference of the American Meteorological Society
Amsterdam The Netherlands
24 sep
28 sep
29th NATO/SPS Internationale Techincal Meeting on Air Pollution and its Application
Aviero Portugal
01 oct
05 oct more

7th EMS Annual Meeting
8th ECAM European Conference on Applications of Meteorology

San Lorenzo de El Escorial
01 oct 03 oct more 2nd International Conference on Climate Change and Tourism Davos Switzerland
08 oct 11 oct more 29 th EWGLAM and 14 th SRNWP Meetings Dubrovnik Croatia
09 oct 12 otc more ILEAPS Workshop on the relevance of surfce and boundary layer processess fot the exchanges of reactive - and greenhouse gases Wageningen The Netherlands
22 oct 25 oct more - TFEIP/TFMM workshop on uncertainties in emission inventories and atmospheric models (22/ October)
- The  eight joint meeting of TFEIP/EIONET (23-24 October)
- Dedicated EIONET session + expert panel on projections (25 October)
Dublin Ireland
22 oct
03 nov more 3rd Solas Summer School Cargèse - Corsica France
05 nov 07 nov more 07th International SRNWP-Workshop on Non-Hydrostatic Modelling
Bad Orb Germany
12 nov 17 nov more 27th Session of the IPCC Valencia Spain
22 nov 24 nov more 6th ECSN Data Management Workshop Wien Austria
27 nov 30 nov more Pollutec 2007 Paris France
28 nov 30 nov more International Workshop on Rescue and Digitization of Climate Records in the Mediterranean Basin Tarragona Spain
29 nov 01 dec more 4th Polish conference "Urban Climate and bioclimate"
Lodz Polland
14 dec more ERA-CLIM2 Climate Reanalyses and Services for Society
Bern SwitzerlandPolland