2017 Meteo Europe Conferences

09 jan 20 jan more Winter Courses in Climate Data Analysis
Bad Gandersheim Germany
13 feb 16 feb more High definition clouds and precipitation for advancing climate prediction
Munich Germany
20 feb 22 feb more Joint Congress of the 6th International Conference on Meteorology and Climatology of the Mediterranean & Challenges in Meteorology
Zafgreb Croatia
22 feb 23 feb more Copernicus Symposium on Climate Service for the energy sector
Barcelona Spain
20 mar 24 mar more Workshop on the Use of Gridded Satellite Data for Climate Services
Krakow Poland
23 mar . more Lets take on together the environmental challenge!
Paris France
24 mar . more Adaptation of infrastructure and networks to climate change
Paris France
05 apr 07 apr more Climateurope Festival 2017: explore challenges and opportunities of climate services for your activity
Valencia Spain
11 apr . more 18th Swiss Global Change Day
Bern Switzerland
19 apr 21 apr more 2nd European Hail Workshop
Bern Switzerland
22 apr more Vienna March for Science
Vienna Austria
23 apr 28 apr more EGU European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017
Vienna Austria
24 apr 28 apr more Training Course on the Use of Satellite Products for Drought Monitoring and Agro-meteorological Applications
Budapest Hungary
03 may 05 may more 2nd European Nowcasting Conference
Offenbach am Main Germany
08 may 11 may more MesoVict + WMO Joint Working Group for Forecast Verification Workshop
Berlino Germany
15 mar 17 may more Weather Radar Applications in Nowcasting for Weather Forecasters (distance phase)
Langen Germany
12 jan 21 may more La meteo. Sole, fulmini e nubifragi
Zurigo Switzerland
22 may 23 may more A Panel on Air Pollution
Athens Greece
23 may 24 may more 6th PCL Focus day 2017
Wachberg Germany
29 may 31 may more The 14th International Conference on Atmospheric Sciences and Applications to Air Quality (ASAAQ14)
Strasbourg France
29 may 02 jun more Weather Radar Applications in Nowcasting for Weather Forecasters (classroom phase)
Langen Germany
05 june 09 jun more ESSL Test bed
5 9 June, 19 23 June, 26 30 June, and 3 7 July 2017
Wiener Neustadt Austria
12 jun 16 jun more Using ECMWFs Forecasts (UEF2017)
Reading UK
12 jun 16 jun more Dynamics and Prediction of Severe Thunderstorms
Wiener Neustadt AustriaK
18 Jun 24 Jun more 34th International Conference on Alpine Meteorology Reykjavk Iceland
25 Jun 30 Jun more 28th International Laser Radar Conference Bucharest Romania
25 jun 04 jul more EUFAR Training & Education Course "EASI: Exploring Air Sea Interaction via airborne data a training course" Shannon Ireland
04 jul 07 jul more The extreme El Nino of 2015 and the end of global warming hiatus - Prof. Alexey Fedorov Barcelona Spain
04 Jul 07 Jul more 10th HyMeX Workshop Bonn Germany
14 Jul 21 Jul more 9th International Summer School on Radar/SAR Systems Barcelona Spain
21 Ago 25 Ago more 10th International Carbon Dioxide Interlaken Switzerland
28 ago 01 sep more ESSL Summer School on Severe Convectiong
Wiener Neustadt Austria
03 ago 08 sep more 2017 Swiss Climate Summer School
Ascona Switzerland
04 sep 08 sep more EMS Annual Meeting
Dublin Ireland
11 sep 15 sep more Autumn School on the use of satellite data on nowcasting high impact weather
Thessaloniki Greece
11 sep 14 sep more Annual Seminar 2017
Reading United Kindom
18 sep 22 sep more European Conferences on Severe Storms
Pula Croatia
23 sep . more Introduction Seminar: Forecasting of Severe Convective Storms
Pula Croatia
02 oct 06 oct more Seminar: Forecasting Severe Convection I
Wiener Neustadt Austria
04 oct 06 oct more ScienceFore Summer School: The Science of Forecasting
Heidelberg Germany
10 oct 12 oct more Meteorological Technology Expo
Amsterdam The Netherland
11 oct 13 oct more EURad European Radar Conference
Nurberg Germany
24 oct . more Convegno stazioni meteo automatiche
Offenbach Germany
06 nov 10 nov more WMO Aeronautical Meteorology Scientific Conference 2017
Toulouse France
16 nov 17 nov more Clean Air Forum
Paris France
14 dec . more ERA-CLIM2 - Climate Reanalyses and Services for Society
Bern Switzerland