2011 Meteo World Conferences

21 jan 24 jan more ADOM2 Workshop on low latitude atmospheric circulation changes during the last climate cycle Tozeur Tunisia
23 jan 27 jan more 91st Annual Meeting Seattle, WA USA
31 jan 02 feb more EUEC 2011 Phoenix, AZ USA
09 feb 11 feb more Joint Conference on Extreme Weather 2011
Wellington New Zealand
26 feb . more 2011 Minnesota Storm Chasing Convention
Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove, MN USA
01 mar 04 mar more 9th Annual Climate Prediction Applications Science Workshop Des Moines, Iowa USA
03 mar 05 mar more 11th National Severe Weather Workshop
Norman, Oklahoma USA
14 mar 19 mar more Air Quality and Climate Conference Kona, Big Island, Hawaii USA
21 mar 25 mar more AGU Chapman Conference on Climates, Past Landscapes, and Civilizations Santa Fe, New Mexico
03 apr 08 apr more EGU General Assembly 2011
Vianna Austria
04 apr 08 apr more GREENHOUSE 2011: The science of climate change Queensland Australia
12 apr 14 apr more Thermodynamic profiling technnologies workshop Boulder, Colorado USA
02 may 04 may more 11th Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography
Boston, Massachusetts USA
09 may 12 may more Scandinavian Forecaster course NOMEK 2011 open to everyone Everywhere World
22 may 25 may more AWEA Anaheim, CA USA
30 may 3 jun more ABoM forecaster course - Australian Bureau of Meteorology Training Centre  (BMTC) Everywhere World
01 apr 30 may


Basic Satellite Meteorology - Eumetrain Everywhere World
06 jun 09 jun more EUMeTrain Convection week
Everywhere World
13 jun 17 jun more 18th Conference on Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics Spokane, Washington USA
20 jun 24 jun more 7th AvH International Conference on Ocean acidification: consequences for marine ecosystems and society Penang Malaysia
20 jun 24 jun more Second International Symposium on Atmospheric Light Scattering and Remote Sensing (ISALSaRS'11)
Lanzhou China
21 jun 24 jun more A&WMA's 104th Annual Conference & Exhibition Orlando Florida
22 jun 24 jun more 39th Broadcast Meteorology Conference Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA
23 jun 24 jun more Conference on Weather Warnings and Communication Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
28 jun 07 jul more XXV IUGG General Assembly : Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet
Melbourne Australia
01 jun 30 oct more Satellite Image Interpretation Everywhere World
09 jul 15 jul more GRC Radiation & Climate 2011 Waterville, ME USA
18 jul 20 jul more 19th Conference on Applied Climatology
Asheville, North Carolina USA
26 sep 30 sep more 35th Conference on Radar Meteorology Pittsburgh, PA USA
01 oct 09 dec more Synoptic and Mesoscale Analysis of Satellite Images Everywhere World
03 oct 08 otc more IX Conference CALMet Pretoria South Africa
16 oct 19 oct more IV International Symposium on Climatology Jooao Pessoa Brazil
24 oct 28 oct more WCRP Open Science Conference: Climate Research in Service to Society
Denver, CO USA
03 nov 04 nov more Second Global Meeting on the International Forum of Meteorological Society + 28th CMS Annual Meeting Xiamen China
08 nov 11 nov more Invitation to attend the International Conference Energy & Meteorology 2011 Gold Coast Australia
28 nov 9 dec more COP17- CMP7 Durban South Africa
29 nov 01 dec more 3rd international workshop on air quality forecasting research Potomac, MD Canada
05 dec 09 dec more 19th International Congress of Biometeorology
Auckland New Zealand
13 dec 17 dec more 2010 AGU Fall Meeting
San Francisco, California USA
16 dec 17 dec more Programs and Actions on Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change: From Post-Disaster Reconstruction to the Creation of Resilient Society Tokyo Japan

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