2006 Meteo Europe Conferences

11 mar 16 mar more Kick off meeting of a new educational EU project TEMPUS 26005 Helsinki Finland
18 apr 22 apr more NATO Advanced Research Workshop “Atmospheric Boundary Layers: Modelling and Application to Environmental Security” Dubrovnik Croatia
    more Climate Change Ekaterinburg Russia
15 19 more 28th NATO/CCMS Lipsia Germany
15 may 18 may more COST 720 Final symposium Toulose France
22 may 23 may more BACC Baltic Assessment of climatic change Goteborg Sweden
27 may 01 jun more International course of lectures “Geophysical turbulence and boundary layers: nature, theory and role in Earth’s systems” Helsinki Finland
11 jun 17 jun more SSS06 Summer School 2006 on Nonhydrostatic dynamics and fine scale data assimilation St.Petersburg Russia
12 jun 15 jun more Holivar London UK
12 jun 16 jun more Eumesat meteorological satellite conference Helsinki Finland
12 jun 16 jun more 6 ICUC - the 6 th International Conference on Urban Climate Goteborg Sweden
02 jul 07 jul more XIII Joint International Symposium Atmospheric and Ocean Optics, Atmospheric physics
Tomsk Russia
17 jul 21 jul more Living Climate Espoo Finland
18 jul 20 jul more 13th ISARS Garmisch Germany
24 jul 26 jul more International Conference on Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Chemistry Moscow Russia
30 jul 08 ago more 3rd WS Accent Sofia Bulgaria
31 jul 11 aug more Envischool 2006 Frascati Rome
28 ago 01 sep more International Summer School on Air-Sea Interaction Helsinki Finland
27 ago 01 sep more 5th NCCR Adaptation and mitigation: responses to climate change Grindeval Switzerland
28 ago 01 set more Summer school on Air-sea-interaction Helsinki Finland
02 sep 06 sep more AFSSE Paris France
02 sep 06 sep more 6th Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society (EMS). Session AW01: Boundary Layer Physics in Weather and Climate Predictions Ljubljana Slovenia
06 sep . more

Contributions for a wise management of water resources from meteorology and climatology
1st Foralps Conference

Lubjana Slovenia
04 sep 08 sep more 4th IAGA/ICMA/CAWSES Long-term changes and trends in atmospherer Sondakyla Finland
04 sep 08 sep more 6th EMS Lubjana Slovenia
24 sep 27 sep more Rapid Climate Changmore Birningham UK
25 sep 26 sep more International Workshop on Modelling Ocean Systems Moscow Russia
09 oct 11 oct more 28th EWGLAM Zurich Switzerland
    more 13 SRNWP Zurich Switzerland
11 oct 13 OCT more 19th workshop on tropospheric chemical transport modelling Paris France
17 oct 20 oct more 8th Plinius Conference on Mediterranean Storms and extreme events in an era of climate change Dead Sea Israel
31 oct . more SILAM Annual Workshop Helsinki Finland
06 dec 16 dec more Corso di Meteorologia e Climatologia Applicate Belluno Italy
04 dec 07 dec more 3rd Workshop on the Atmospheric Chemistry Validation of Envisat (ACVE-3) Frascati (RM) Italy
11 dec 13 dec0 more Surface/Surfex workshop Toulose France
21 dec . more Rapid Climate Changmore Birningham UK